Sixth grade visit europe park

Last 31st of May 6º grade went to Parque Europa. A marvellous park with different important monuments from Europe. 

We had a beautiful sunny and warm day. The students spent the whole day in the park travelling around Europewith the English teachers and the preceptor of each class,   

The students from 6 grade had to prepare in class this trip and search information to explain the monuments to their classmates. We visited 18 masterpieces and knew some curiosities about them, such as the real name of Van Gogh bridge or the reason about throwing coins to the Fontana di Trevi.  

We had a break to enjoy our meals and have fun together.  

Every student paid a lot of attention to complete their booklets with all the information that they learnt. 

In the school, they did a big map with all the sculptures that we visited in Parque Europa. They are real artists! 

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